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China Tibetology Research Center
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Located in Beijing, the China Tibetology Research Center (CTRC) is a comprehensive academic research institute dedicated to Tibetan studies. It was founded on May 20th, 1986 to study Tibetan culture, history, the current situation in Tibetan inhabited areas, and the future advancement of the Tibet Autonomous Region, the Tibetan inhabited areas in Ganshu, Qinghai, Sichuan and Yunnan Province. The CTRC is devoted to the preservation and development of Tibetan culture in cooperation with institutes and scholars in Tibetan Studies in China, promoting academic exchange and cooperation… ultimately leading to a boom in Tibetan studies.

The administration and management of the board of the CTRC consists of a director-general and deputies. Its academic committee is in charge of academic policy-making, consultation and evaluation while every individual research institute implements its own research projects. The CTRC aims to attract research personnel, promote academic exchange, provide academic support, publish research results, organize cultural exhibits, distribute information and provide a health service through the application of traditional Tibetan medicine. The organization has a staff of about 200 research fellows and administrative staff. Half of the staff is of ethnic Tibetan and other ethnic minorities.

The CTRC holds the “Beijing Seminar on Tibetan Studies”, the “Qomolangma Forum on Tibetan Studies” and the “National Coordination Meeting on Tibetan Studies” in conjunction with organizing the competition “Qomolangma Awards of Tibetan Studies”. It publishes the “Annual of Tibetan Studies in China” and the journal China Tibetology while its China Tibetology Network shares research results and information with scholars from both home and abroad.

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Address:  131 Beisihuan Donglu, Beijing , China 100101

Phone:  86-10-64892382

Current Leadership

You Luoping, Party Secretary

Lhagpa Phunsthogs, Director-general and Deputy Party Secretary  

Lobsang LingzhiDorje, Deputy Director-general

Liu Yinghua, Deputy Director-general

Dramdul, Deputy Director-general

Editor:Huang Wenjuan